Welcome to my blog! This is a collection of stuff that I find interesting, amusing or worth sharing.

I have been programming for a quite some time; it's been almost 30 years since my first hello world, and you may find this is reflected in the content on my blog - no apologies from me, in my opinion computers are basically the closest thing we have to magic.

A bit about me:

I was always into computers as a kid. One of my earliest memories was aged 6, typing out a BASIC game on the school computer over break time. The game was a 2D “canyon run”, where you had to move your spaceship to avoid hitting the canyon walls. The program took 40 minutes of painstakingly accurate typing for no more than 10 minutes of play, but it’s no doubt how I first learned that perseverance and patience needed to be a software engineer.

I have been fortunate enough to have a pretty interesting career so far - I have worked on software for testing sensors used for detecting nuclear weapons, on back office systems for telecoms companies, line of business software for finance companies, hotel automation systems - everything from desktop apps, web apps and even IoT firmware.

At University I did a BSc and MSc in Robotic Engineering. Robotics is a fascinating discipline, but as someone who likes to create things, it’s a very difficult subject to investigate in your own time - you typically need an electronics lab, lots of power tools for making components, and then you still need to program the electronics when you’re done.

For my bachelors dissertation, I spent the entire summer learning CAD, designing and building a hexapod robot, then programming it to walk. This was super fun and a great learning experience, but I found that the programming aspect was the most rewarding, and it was far more accessible which helped. These days, 3D printing and Arduino have made robotics far more accessible for beginners, and there’s a wealth of high-quality content on YouTube.

Software Engineering is still a relatively new discipline, and as long as you like solving problems and learning, you’re never going to get bored. Hopefully you enjoy the content on this blog!